The Kayon Jungle Resort


The Kayon Jungle Resort is located in the rural village of Bresela, approximately 25 minutes from downtown Ubud. It is a hinterland setting edged by topical forest and rice terraces in an area perched above the flowing waters of the Oos River. This serene environment has the unique ability to refresh body, mind and spirit.

The Kayon Jungle Resort is a place where seasoned travellers can escape the hectic pace of everyday life and feel renewed by the beauty of nature. This sanctuary of tropical indulgence is located within the traditional Balinese village of Bresela, Payangan and is just 25 minutes from the cultural heart of Ubud. It commands a prime piece of landscape whereby a collection of just 38 tastefully-appointed suites and private pool villas promise unrivalled luxury paired with some amazing views. The resort is enhanced by modern lifestyle facilities and a three-tier swimming pool that replicates the curved formation of the island’s famous rice terraces. The Kayon Jungle Resort conveys a look of pure Balinese elegance that is destined to transcend the passing hands of time.

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