Steigenberger Resort Achti


Discover the hidden gems in the heart of Luxor, Egypt

Luxor is often cited as the world’s most amazing open-air museum, but that doesn’t even come close to describing this unusual place. Explore the city of 100 gates through Steigenberger Resort Achti, encompassing breathtaking and beautiful surroundings in a peaceful 8 acres of lush greenery with panoramic views of the unique River Nile.

This stunning hotel combines leisure and tranquillity with its luxury and attractive location. It starts with fully equipped rooms and suites and fantastic Nile views to extraordinary venues for meetings or wedding ceremonies. Steigenberger Resort Achti has a lot to offer you and your family members. The hotel is shrouded by its pure turquoise pools and exquisite Nile view. You will enjoy an impressive variety of restaurants with different cuisines to delight your taste buds. For guests to have an unforgettable vacation, Steigenberger Resort Achti has made the makings of the perfect getaway all within reach! Relish various attractive facilities including restaurants and bars, bazaar area, felucca port, poolside dining and live entertainment on the terrace.

Besides the essential facilities, Steigenberger Resort Achti also offers a third-party partnership with Nasco excursions packages that can help you discover Luxor like never before, from a hot air balloon journey to the exciting and famous Luxor sites, with the team guiding you throughout your trip. The hotel offers a transportation provider so that you do not need to worry about transportation at any stage of your visit. Book your stay now and discover the hidden gems of this majestic city.

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