Great Fosters

Great Britain

Boldly-colored chairs and sofas, trendy grey patterned wallpaper,  elegant chrome lamps provide a light, airy feel to bedrooms in the main house. Historical features are retained in the fireplaces. For a special occasion, opt for one of the five lavish historic rooms bedecked in jewels such as early 17th-century Flemish tapestries (Tapestry room) and elaborate Italian Rococo furniture and Quattrocento doors (Italian room).

Expect complex flavours and precision cooking from chef Tony Parkin in the intimate one-Michelin-star Tudor restaurant. Scallop served in a tomato, watermelon and kafir lime tea bursts with complexity and intensity – the star of the elaborate show. Jersey royal, Artistic twists on cauliflower cheese and monkfish with horseradish foam are as appetizing as they are presented. Meadowsweet and citrusy kalamansi provide a touch of wow.

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