Four Seasons Seychelles

Desroches Island

Remote and secluded, yet only 35-minute away (by a small plane) from Mahé, the Desroches Island is perfectly located to provide an experience of “luxury castaway”—courtesy of Four Seasons. The resort offers forty beach suites with private pools and eleven private residence villas. All are set up as an exclusive destination on a pristine tropical island. Edged by fourteen kilometers of white beach, with wild nature in the interior, it’s the ultimate desert-island fantasy. Ah, and check this: a sunset-watching from a lighthouse is a thing here.

On Desroches Island, there is nothing to distract you from tranquillity, save for the sound of birds singing and an ocean breeze that invites you to come a little closer. the only resort on this captivating coral island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, where the beaches belong to no one and everyone at the same time. Rustic villas and suites are intimate retreats and will make you feel like a castaway who has struck gold.

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