Casona Sforza

Puerto Escondido

The dream started when Casona Sforza founder traveled to Puerto Escondido, and was amazed by the diversity, but most important, the community. The problem was that newer generations were losing their traditions. So Pueblo del Sol was created as a project to bring back millenary traditions into the community, giving back to nature and society.

The idea was now a reality, Pueblo del Sol starts recruiting artisans, beekeepers, farmers and anyone who wanted to help. With that in mind, Pueblo del Sol needed something to fund it. The founder, imagined his dream house becoming a hotel, that with it’s earnings, Pueblo del Sol could continue to be a community based project.

Well known architect, Alberto Kalach with Casona founder thought and designed Casona Sforza. Through years of sketches and inspiration seeking, the final design is approved and the land is set for construction. A design based in millenary techniques such as arch based vaults would bring the design to life. Not only the arches are anti seismic, but will let energy and positive thoughts flow into the suites.

Casona Sforza opens its doors to guests in December 2020. Bringing community into every aspect; mugs and coffee in every suite, restaurant’s fresh produce all grown and created locally at Pueblo del Sol. Casona Sforza, more than a hotel, is a dream, a home for all, a community project,main goal? To make of Casona Sforza, your second casa; all with community and sustainability in mind, where every detail is thought to make you feel at home and safe.

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